Guide to Outpatient Consultations

About our emergency care

At this hospital we provide emergency care for those suffering from unforeseen ailments and injuries during holidays and at night.
We have physicians and surgeons posted within the hospital at every hour of every day to administer emergency care.
Please refer to the following process for seeing a doctor.

1After you’ve fallen ill

If you need to visit the hospital, first, confirm your symptoms for yourself.
If you don’t believe your symptoms constitute an emergency, we recommend you schedule an appointment for a regular examination during normal hours.
If you believe your symptoms do constitute an emergency, follow the process below.

2First, phone the hospital

Telephone number : 03-3429-1171
  • Explain over the phone that you wish to see a doctor.
  • Inform them of your age, gender, and your symptoms.
  • If you’ve been seen at our hospital before, provide your patient registration card number.
  • If you have not been treated at our hospital before, please bring your health insurance card and medical care certificate with you to the hospital, otherwise, bring both of those as well as your patient registration card.

3To the out-of-hours reception desk

  • Enter the hospital via the out-of-hours entrance and proceed to the out-of-hours reception.
  • If this is your first time being seen at our hospital, please fill out a medical examination application form.
  • Present your application form to the reception desk, along with your health insurance card and medical care certificate.
  • Even if you have been seen at our hospital before, if this is your first time being seen in a specific department, you will need to present a completed medical examination application form to the reception desk along with your patient registration card.
  • Please head to the emergency outpatient reception desk.

4Emergency outpatient examinations

  • Please wait by the emergency outpatient reception desk until your name is called.
  • While waiting, if you begin to feel worse, or you start to feel intense pain, please do not hesitate to inform a nurse that your condition has changed.
  • When your name is called, please proceed to the emergency examination room.

5Your bill

  • When your examination is over, please present the reception slip you received to the out-of-hours reception desk.
  • Your name will be called, at which time you will be asked to pay your bill.
  • If you have been issued a prescription, you can receive it at the pharmacy counter within the hospital.

Please be aware of the following

  • Our hospital has a limited number of departments that we can offer care at. Depending on the nature of your injury or ailment, we may not be able to provide appropriate care for you.
  • In addition, there may not be a doctor available that specializes in your ailment.
  • As this is out-of-hours emergency care, you may not be able to receive your desired examination/scan or treatment.
  • If the doctor is currently preoccupied with other examinations, treatments, or procedures within the ward, you may be asked to wait for some time before you can be seen.
  • Patients are seen in the order in which they present themselves at the reception, however depending on the condition of the other patients you may find yourself pushed slightly forward or back in the order.
  • Prescriptions issued to you by your doctor will be the bare minimum amount needed.
  • We ask that you pay your bill in full on the day.
  • Please ensure that you phone the hospital ahead of your visit if you desire an emergency examination.
Telephone number : 03-3429-1171

For patients traveling to the hospital by car

  • Please use the patients’ parking lot.
  • You may temporarily use the emergency parking area in front of the emergency entrance to drop off or pick up a patient, but please do not park there as it is used by ambulances. Thank you for your cooperation.