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Message from the Hospital Director

Hospital Director

Kanto Central Hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers was founded in 1953 as an occupational hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers, and it is the largest hospital among the eight hospitals in Japan that are directly operated by the association. In 1957, the hospital was designated as an Insurance Medical Institution covered by both regular health insurance and Japan’s National Health Insurance, allowing us to take on the role of caring for the health of local residents. Our hospital is now a core healthcare institution with 403 beds, which is the largest number of beds among hospitals in Setagaya Ward. Alongside the many doctors who care for countless patients as their family doctors, we hope to continue playing our role as a community healthcare institution that can support patients who are combating illness while expanding the scope of our services at the same time.

The circumstances surrounding healthcare are challenging, with the situation changing dramatically day by day. The COVID-19 pandemic that struck last year has only made our healthcare environment even more testing. As the economy continues to show no signs of improving, COVID-19 has delayed our economic recovery while wreaking havoc on the livelihoods of people and the healthcare environment. The revision of the medical treatment fees system and the review of the healthcare insurance system remain important issues moving forward, and the social security system that supports our healthcare continues to be cloaked in uncertainty. Against this backdrop, it is imperative for hospitals to swiftly adapt to any changes in society and equip themselves with the necessary functions.

The purpose of healthcare is to provide an avenue for individuals to stay healthy, recover from illness, cherish their own way of life, and live the life they want to live. For a hospital to be well-equipped to fulfill these various functions, it needs to take on a variety of different challenges, including always adapting to ever-evolving medical technology, acquiring new knowledge, appreciating diverse values and ethical views, and understanding the expectations and needs of patients. At Kanto Central Hospital, all our employees take immense pride in their roles as healthcare professionals who constantly strive to become better and make every effort to overcome challenges. By working earnestly to fulfill these functions and provide optimal medical care that is safe and reliable, we hope to become a hospital that is capable of providing medical care of the highest standards that values every patient’s way of life.
We look forward to serving you.

Kazuhiko Koike,Hospital Director
Kanto Central Hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers